Privacy Policy and Security Policy

Data security of is ensured by SSL certificate complying with standards.

With SSL technology, when the order is completed and the payment process starts, there is a direct encrypted communication between the user computer and the bank and no information about the credit card is seen by AREV or third parties. In addition, your card information is secured with the support of 3D Secure. At, your credit card number is not stored in the system and is not known to our staff.

Since the whole system is web-based, the so-called çerez cookies gönderil are sent to the user's web browsers to ensure that users can be recognized easily and the data security can be approved quickly and these cookies stored on customer computers are updated periodically to ensure optimal system performance.

CREDIT CARD SECURITY 7 days 24 hours to provide you with uninterrupted service is configured using the latest technology. On each page where you enter your credit card information, you will see a lock at the bottom of your browser. This lock represents the 128 Bit SSL Certificate provided by RAPID SSL, and any information you submit through your browser will not be visible to third parties. VISA, MASTERCARD credit cards of all banks are valid on our site. never stores these numbers.

DATA SECURITY was established to provide you a safe and comfortable jewelry exchange environment over the internet. All sensitive and personal information collected from users is stored in the highest electronic and physical security standards, with a system accessible only to authorized personnel and only under the user's consent, if required. and international laws. undertakes and undertakes not to disclose personal and sensitive information collected from users under any name, under any name, for any reason, or to any other party without the consent of the user, not to share or misuse such information with third parties.

At, all information you provide will be strictly confidential. We are aware of how sensitive you are about your personal information. This information will not be sold or shared with 3rd parties in any way.